Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

1. Go to the item you would like to purchase. 

2. Select your size and the quantity using the drop down box. 

3. Click “Add to basket’ button. 

4. When you're done click ‘Checkout now' at the top right of the page. 

5. If you wish to add more items to the basket, click Continue shopping and you will be directed back to the homepage where you can choose items from the dropdown navigation bar at the top. 

6. Once you are done adding items to your basked, click ‘Proceed to checkout’.You will then be directed to a page asking if you wish to checkout as a guest, or register an account. This is your choice.Click “Continue”. You may enter your contact and delivery details on this page. 

7. Select your method of payment at the bottom of the page. You can pay via credit card or Bank Transfer. 

8. On choosing Bank Transfer a small screen will open up with our bank details, along with our email address, where proof of payment should be sent to. 

Remember : Always use your new order number as reference – this ensures that the order is processed without delay.

Can I place an order without having a New Era Cap South Africa account?

You are able to place an order without registering an account with note, however, that as a guest, you will not be able to manage or track your order. If you choose to set up an account after placing your order, providing you use the same email address, you will be able to access your previous order history.

How do I know if an item is in, or out of stock?

Usually an item is in stock when the size appears in the drop down box.It does, however, happen that items go out of stock due to popular demand on a particular day. However, you will be notified immediately should an item no longer be available when your order is being processed.

What happens to my payment if an item is out of stock at the Online Store?

We will firstly send a request to source the item from a store. If the stores are unable to supply us with the item, you will have the choice of either an alternative item (ie. The same style but a different color), or a voucher to the full value of the product that is out of stock which you can then use for a purchase to the same value of the item that is no longer available.Should you, however, not be happy with any of these options, we will proceed with a refund of the total paid for the item that is out of stock in the same method your payment was received, ie. Credit card or bank transfer.

How long does it take for my order to be processed?

Your order will be processed without delay on receipt of your proof of payment sent directly from your bank to (this happens same day if proof is received between 8am and 5pm Mondays-Fridays).

How long will I wait for my order to arrive?

Once payment has been allocated an order is processed on the same day. The parcel is then packed and shipped from the warehouse within 24 hours of processing. It usually takes 2-5 working days for an order to be delivered to your door. This time frame may change if an order has to be sourced from stores due to out of stock scenarios, however, you will be notified via email if this happens.

How do I track my order?

Once your order has been picked and packed, a tracking link will be generated. This link will be updated by our couriers as it moves on route from our warehouse to your door.To access this link go to: 

1. Click on My Account on the website 

2. Click on the View order for the applicable order. 

3. Click on Track order to access the tracking link. 

If the link is not active, our warehouse may still be busy picking and packing. The order may still be waiting for collection. This may happen during busy periods. If so, please be patient and give us a bit more time to process the order.

How long does it take us to confirm a payment?

For Banking EFT's: Payments made before 4PM on weekdays will get confirmed within two working days.With Credit Card Payments: Payment confirmation is in real time. There is a short delay before the order is sent for processing, this allows us to run security checks on the payment.

Should I email or fax you my proof of payment?

If you have used the correct reference number, as provided by us, it’s not necessary.Remember that payments will only be confirmed when the funds reflect in our account. Proof of payment is only handy to identify payments not picked up when an incorrect reference number has been used.

How long will my order take to arrive?

It takes anything from one to five working days. It depends mostly on the lead time advertised on the product page at time of placing the order.Once your payment is confirmed the order will be processed.In some instances lead times may change because of the volume of orders being shipped.Once orders have been processed they’ll be delivered within one to two working days.We’ll keep you updated, and will send status notifications as your orders gets confirmed, processed and dispatched.

My credit card payment will not go through?

Many enquiries we receive relating to difficulties processing card payments are because of 3D secure. 3D secure is a card verification measure put in place by the banks to prevent fraudsters from using your card to transact online. if you are having this problem it is most likely because your card is not registered for 3D secure. You will need to contact your bank to register your card.

How do I use a coupon code?

If you received a coupon code this can be entered on checkout. After adding an item to your shopping basket you will be prompted to enter the code in the discount code section.Just enter the code and press apply for the discount to be effected.